Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcome Back!!!!!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!....and yes I know, welcome back to my blog:)   It was an incredible 2013 for me.  Thanks to all of you!  Lots of changes in 2013.  As my business grew, the demand for more mommy and family time did too.  I went part time at my dental hygiene job in September, which has allowed me more mommy time.  LOVE it!!  I make my children breakfast and take them to school most days now.  I can't explain how happy that makes me feel.  I am here when they get off the bus and my 4 year old gets to spend more days with mommy.  Time is going by way to fast and I need to cherish my time with them because they are getting big and aren't going to want their mommy forever.  As far as my business goes, I am doing more weekday sessions and keeping open more weekends for family.  I will not be doing sessions every weekend.  I photographed 87 sessions last year around my full time job and family and 21 newborns.
I also announced that beginning in 2014, I will be photographing weddings.  I was a second photographer several times last year with other photographers to gain experience and confidence.  I am ready and excited to take on this journey as well.
I have lots of goals this year.  Both business and personal.  Have a healthier hubby and I are exercising and dieting together....we just started last week:)  More family time.  Vacations, at least once a year and small getaway trips with my hubby to keep us sane.  1-2 photography workshops, lots of newborns cause I cannot live without them;) and my goal of taking on at least 5 weddings my first year.  Balance and oh, to blog lots more!

Here are my children....My life.

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