Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mr. + Mrs. Genova | Mauston Wedding Photographer | Castle Rock Lake

This wedding by far has been one of the prettiest outside weddings that I have witnessed and been able to photograph.  The day was filled with such emotion.  It started off with some gorgeous brunettes getting ready at the bride's parents Castle Rock Lake home. This house is a beautiful log cabin nestled right on the lake.  This is where we had the bride and father's first look as well as the bride and groom's first look.  Ugghh, tears of emotion from her dad. Just loved capturing that.  Let me tell you, she was a gorgeous bride.  Toni's dress was beautiful and fit her amazing. Loved the lace details.  This couple is seriously model material. The whole wedding party and family are just lovely.
 The flowers were amazing too from the awesome ladies at Wild Apples
The wedding party headed over to the location of the wedding ceremony which was on the beach at Portofino Bay.  They took a fun ride by pontoon to arrive at the beach where the lovely ceremony was held.  Their were tears of joy. It was a beautiful ceremony right on the beach of Castle Rock Lake. 
To follow were cocktails and then an amazing dinner. Everything was set up so nicely.  The decor was amazing with such detail.  Every dinner plate was different and nicely arranged. The cupcakes let me tell you were also amazing. It was a perfect day and ended with beautiful sunset photos on the beach.  Here are just a few of my favorites.

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